Break The Shell Of Shyness

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I’m an extremely shy guy. I’m a rather attractive man, or so I’ve been told, but I’ve never been good at talking to girls. If I already know them the conversation flows freely, but when I first meet a girl I get all nervous and tongue-tied. I say the dumbest shit and instantly regret it, but can’t keep my mouth shut. You see, I’m the kind of person that will ramble to try and cover up how nervous I am. I decided I wanted to actively work on getting more comfortable with this, so I decided to use an unorthodox approach. 

I went to Cam BB so I could chat it up and practice flirting with girls that do webcams. I started with She’s only 18 and absolutely gorgeous. My perfect dream girl you could say. I flirt with her and chat it up about anything and everything. She helps build my confidence and is always willing to help me out with advice or even to blow a load if I’m horny.