It’s Like Clubbing Seals

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Actually it’s nothing like clubbing seals, quite contrarily this is a lot of fun, unless you’re a real sick fuck and actually get off on clubbing seals.

What I meant with the title of course is that this is easy and what I specifically meant by that is for some reason unbeknown to me, not obvious to everyone. So here it is:

The girls that perform on cam sites are exhibitionists (duh!). Somehow most people only realise that exhibitionists want to show themselves off but that is only one part of it with the other part crucial to completing the definition: They want the attention from it.

They want you to be turned on by it, they want you to compliment them, they want you to tell them how hot they look, what it does to you and what you’ like to do to them. This turns them on.

So if you still don’t know how you can exploit that when interacting with a webcam chick then you are beyond help.

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