Office Fantasies Fulfilled on Cam

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My wife used to be a secretary. That was actually how I met her. I’d flirt with her every time I went into the office to see her boss about business stuff. Eventually we started dating and one night, she was in the office after hours. I took her some dinner and we ended up fucking with her bent over her desk. It was a really hot encounter that I still get aroused thinking about.

I don’t see too many secretary setups when browsing cam sites. The ones I do are usually just the girls in sexy office outfits and wearing glasses, but they are almost always in a bedroom. When I saw ClassyFetishRelax on, I was pleasantly surprised. She has the whole set up. It really looks like she is a secretary at work!

I watched her kick off her high heels and place her nylon covered feet up onto her desk. She then leaned back in her chair, pulled up her skirt, and masturbated that beautiful pussy right in front of me. Although no men joined her during my time with her, I do see pics from her shows where they have. It was really well done and totally satisfied my secretary fantasy for the day.